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Wilhelmina de Boer Dekker

      Psychologist, Counselor/ Coach/ Psychotherapist/Supervisor, and Reiki Master Teacher.

      " I feel grateful for being part of the process of all of those who are willing to start their search for their own truth and faithfully developing their talents and skills, longing to empower their lives through understanding and acceptance of self.

      When you start recognizing that only your fear shaped in the past and lived in the now keeps you from your own power, you will understand that becoming conscious of your own thoughts and behavior will let you start changing your life. "

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23/03/2024 Workshop «Coaching the coach»

Workshop for therapists, trainers, and coaches. Day: March 23 Time: 10:00-17:00 Price: Price is €165 early bird bookings € 145. Confirmed and paid by 8/03. Sign up txt 99 93 59 79. Place: Villa Wilhelmina, Moni Village. “Listening is a fundamental and foundational practice in coaching!” One of the first challenges when you start as a coach is to become a better listener as without it, it’s impossible to discover what concerns a client and why. Listening compasses all the ways in which a listener becomes aware of what a speaker is experiencing and expressing in each moment. In this way the listener gets to know the speaker. To coach people you truly must know your own weak spots to work on and finding out how to balance your thoughts with your feelings. In this way you step into the shoes of your client, and this is the most wonderful way to feel compassion for their frustration how to deal with the life they live. Do you want to improve your skills or learning more about them, sign up for our workshop Coaching the Coach! In this course, we will first look at the philosophy, and qualities of the coach him/herself as when you want to coach people, you first must be able to coach yourself. Questions that we will discuss at the workshop: Workshop motivation, Coaching who and how, What motivates me to Be a coach, Is coaching my passion? The wheel of life, What is the task of the coach ‘coaching others?’ Five forms of coaching, Training cases, Questions to ask? Self-reflection om coaching.

20-21/04/2024 Reiki 2 class

We start at 10.00 on Saturday and go on 17.00, and Sunday from 10.00 till 14.00 . Join our Reiki 2 class, sending distant Reiki as there are no limitations to the power of Love! In this class you receive 3 Reiki symbols, to connect and heal through time and space. This is again a two-day class in which we share the miracles of love and light as we are all One. This is again a weekend full of initiations, questions, and answers, guiding thoughts and meditation next to the hands-on and distant healing with the symbols. Join us and learn even more about the power you are, Reiki, unconditional love… Price €275 including lunch, manual, certificate. Place Villa Wilhelmina

11/05/2024 Reiki Master meeting

Reiki Master meeting 11.05.2024 from10.00 to 15.00. Sign up for our next Reiki Master Meeting when you have a 3A or 3A/B Reiki master’s degree! Share, explore and develop your knowledge about Reiki with your fellow Masters! Сost: 75 euro, lunch included. Sign up txt 99 93 59 79 Place: Villa Wilhelmina, Moni Village.

Today's Thought

Today’s Thought

Today’s Thought

Never take anything for granted as all is temporarily part of your experience of life. Give gratitude to what comes to you even when you don’t know the ‘how’s and why’s’ The meaning of life is not to judge but to embrace. Transform every question, problem, and conflict on the level of your heart and …

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This week's meditation


with Svetlana Lepetukh

    Working with any health issues by  freeing of the breathing mechanism. Clarity of decisions. Stress and anxiety release. Boost of immune system. Emotional trauma and stuck feelings relief. 

     My approach to healing breath deviations is simplified and demystified for anyone to understand. First the assessment takes place to see what areas of the breathing have been restricted due to adapted habits. Then together we work on switching on the whole breathing mechanism or so to say rewire the body to breathe fully, effectively and free. Last but not the list a habit of conscious breathing is implanted to maintain the new acquired beneficial habits. It is very individual process that creates miraculous changes.

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K. K. Dokania EP Limassol, Cyprus

I will never forget my first encounter with this special Lady ‘Wilhelmina De Boer’. I hadn’t heard much yet but I had witnessed a close friend who has been hit hard by life, resurface stronger and I remember hearing another person joining in the seminar at the time – also her first encounter with Wil, saying “ I want to meet this person who made you happy again” to my friend. This comment stayed with me and since then, almost 9 years on now, Wilhelmina’s inclusion in my life, her approach, support, encouragement and general persona, for me surpasses the gargantuan work that she does, for she herself is such a beautiful person that her deep and long-standing expertise in all she does is only further enhanced for being the person she is. I am stronger, gaining tools and learning to break through and differentiate between conditioned behaviour and possibility always for change and That this can be done at any age. That our Perception is like a gear – we can shift it and chose and many other invaluable tools that I consciously try to enforce daily like love of self! True to her advise always Wilhelmina herself a constant active example of what she emanates, expanding her wisdom through her new ventures, always evolving, finding new and innovative ways to stay in touch with the world and reaching out and proving that no hurdle cannot be handled. Blessed are the souls touched by her wisdom, charisma and generosity of self and ‘Thank you’, although so insufficient a word to express my gratitude, is what I repeatedly would like to say to her, full of love and appreciation forever.

Iryna L. Cyprus and Kiev

My acquaintance with Wil as a counselor and with the group, in which I began to practice Reiki took place over 15 years ago and since then life has changed a lot. The practice of Reiki was very interesting and awakening experience, truly healing for gaining the wholeness of oneself. At that time my life, outwardly successful and prosperous, did not bring me much inner satisfaction or peace of mind, I was constantly experiencing internal pressure up to physical discomfort as if my heart was squeezed in a vice. Relationships with family members, with friends, colleagues, my intellectual pursuits, hobbies – everything was there, but something was still missing. At the therapy sessions with Wil, I finally met a wise, beautiful woman with a very big heart and a real professional. In her presence, in the atmosphere she created, it was easy for me to talk, sometimes up to tears as she was listening sincerely. She never gave assessments to my situations and problems, did not offer ready-made solutions, but simply was there, carefully guiding and helping me to do the work I had to do by myself especially to get rid of a fear to live life the way I wanted. After that there was a time when I revealed my strength and started learning to manage it, I still do J. Gradually my life stopped running away over the years, time slowed down and everything acquired a new quality, i.e. relationships, surroundings, and even places. Thanks to therapy with Wil and Reiki practicing my heart is now free, the pain is gone and I learned to breathe with full lungs freely. Instead of feeling constricted, the heart is now simply open and calm, or some warm waves of wonderful energy can flow through it. It sounds artistic and romantic, but in fact, it is a completely physical sensation, now familiar and normal for the new me. I now live every day with gratitude of the heart and of course consider meeting Will was a life-changing experience for me, as she is very special and always there for those, who is ready for change, for growth, and willing to learn other spectrums of Life and to go deeper into the beauty and meaning of it. Love and Light,

Lucy Evelyn Limassol, Cyprus

It is my pleasure to write about Wil. She is so full of positive energy and warmth that you feel comfortable from the first second you meet. She has a smile that touches your soul and her voice helps bring out what you wish to discuss. I’ve had many wonderful meetings with Wil. She will never say no and always makes ways to help me. Either by a one on one meeting or a quick text or an email. The advice she gives and her way of thinking help you see the issues in a different light. Thank you, Wil.

Tefkros London

Working with Wil has been a journey that felt so effortless and so meaningful even at the darkest of hours. The experience of having counseling with Wil is one that cannot simply be described in words, as it is so heartfelt and so nourishing for the soul that the limitations of our vocabulary don’t suffice to encapsulate the magnitude of the experience. Wil is a beacon of light in my life and she is helping me navigate several aspects of it in a more holistic end-rounded way whereby I get to recognize myself through the journey as the initiator and catalyst for my own balance and path towards happiness. Her guidance and teachings become daily lessons I try and evoke and apply and my gratitude to have such a teacher in life is immeasurable.

Tania Limassol

The times I’ve opened this piece of document and the times I’ve thought of it reached a ridiculous amount and then I remembered her words, one of the first she taught me, or perhaps best to use the term, reminded me of, as our Higher Self always knows – “there is nothing you can do or say that is wrong as there is no right or wrong…so long as your intentions behind it are good and pure.” (simultaneously I was also reminded that even a “bad” intention or trait could never be “bad” as it provided the underlying base or a strong basis of a lesson for an understanding of its extreme opposite, as we say the other side of the coin but that’s not for now). So here it is, with the right or wrong words, a long overdue dedication stemming from my best and purest of intentions, offered with love and decorated with a big bow of eternal gratitude to the person who was, is and always will be my brightest torch in my path of wisdom and enlightenment – Wilhelmina (Wil) De Boer Dekker.

Nicky Paphos

My Reiki Master journey with Wil was one of the most profound and life-changing experiences. Her gentle guidance, wisdom, and loving energy gave me the power to transform my life into a happier, inspired, more balanced, and peaceful way of being. Thank you so much.

Christin USA

I have seen Wil for over 10 years now. I came to Wil, at a time when my world was falling apart around me. Worry, anxiety, and low self-esteem seemed to consume my life. Wil is positive, compassionate, and easy to talk to. She helped me gain a more positive outlook on myself and the situations in my life. Wil is a great listener, very understanding, relate-able, and recommended tools relevant to my situation. I highly recommend her and counseling for anyone struggling through life’s difficult stages. She is also a reiki teacher. She has been extremely helpful to me in our sessions and listening to what my needs are with whatever I am dealing wither. I definitely would recommend Wil, and I am extremely very pleased with the services provided by Wil.

Christina Cyprus

I was lucky and blessed to have Wil on my way, at a time in my life where I had low self-esteem, anxiety and stress and felt lost. Wil with her excellent psychological methods but also Reiki made me and I saw life with a different eye. I definitely recommend Wil because he is an extremely rare person, who will listen to your concerns, will understand the difficulties as well as the stress you are experiencing and will offer you the appropriate advice to overcome all that blocks you and takes you away from your happiness. I have known her for a decade and I feel grateful that she is in my life. She taught me what love and respect means and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Lolita Nicosia

Wil has been an amazing inspiration & spiritual guide for me since 2005 where my journey began into Meditations, Past Life Regressions, Reiki Initiations & many more beautiful journeys together over the years. Her insight, intuition & guidance is unique & her open-heartedness, warmth & huge smile are contagious. She is a true blessing for all.

Soraya von der Hoeh Limassol

My experience with Wil started 11 years ago. My GP suggested I go and see her for counseling. I’ve been suffering from anxiety and very deep depression and needed real help because I didn’t want to spend my life on medications. I have to admit she was a great help, she was always there whenever I needed her day or night. Then she was helping me with Reiki treatments, which was something I never heard of at the beginning. After a couple of years, I was so interested in having the Reiki course with Wil to be able to heal myself and my family members. Started with Reiki one, Reiki 2, became a master. The more I learned about it the more it interested me. Wanted to know more about it. Have experienced beautiful things never thought in my wildest dreams that I will go through with it. In between, we were having different workshops as well to upgrade ourselves more and more. Words are never enough to thank and appreciate such a beautiful person inside out Who always welcomes you with open arms and heart. Wil I’m so grateful to get to know you, I’m grateful to have you in my life. With your help I became a completely different person, my family and all my friends always wonder how much I have changed, became so positive and happy, don’t allow anything to bother me. Started to see life with completely different eyes. Thank you is not enough. For me you are my “HERO” never ever will forget all the things you did for me.