Here you can find meditations 

"Awareness about potential"

"Your power"

"Contemplating on my decisions "

"Empowerment Meditation"

"World peace meditation "

"Self awareness Meditation"

"Wings of your heart"

"Consciousness of the thinker "

"Observation of the mind"

"Endless Compassion"

"Your breath "

"Poem of peace"

"Meditation on the power of silence"

"Wil’s Mindfulness "

"Meditation on the Directions of the Mind"

"Conscious Life "

"Meditation on existence…"

"The presence of Abundance"

"Sleep meditation "

"Reiki Forgiveness Meditation"

"To be vulnerable"

"Pause for experience"


"The universe"

"The free will"

"Path of Light Healing "

"Exploration of guilt"

"Making the step"

"The Fire"

"The Power of your Gut"

"The path to your heart"


"Being vulnerable"

"Meditation on Empathy"

"Love meditation"

"Your Spirit message"

"Decca Delta Light"

"Observing the mind"

"Embracing self"

"The radiant flame of Being"

"You are the Buddah"


"The power of ‘BEING’"

More coming soon