In ‘Kitchen Talk’ Wilhelmina with Svetlana are reflecting and contemplating on the material made for self-development and spiritual growth.

"What to do with Trauma"

"What to do with the waves of life"

"Acceptance game"

"Balance in life"

"Fear is just a thought"

"We learn from bad moments"

"Honesty with myself"

"Accept our emotions as they are"

"What does adult shoes mean"

"Why we show fake happiness"


"How to learn from fear"

"Honesty and children"

"Tools to help yourself"

"How to get what you want?"




"Letting go of the fight"

"Giving up resolutions"

"Merry Christmas"

"Finding balance in the chaos"

"How does breath work help"

"You are always helping yourself"

"What is the value of spiritual growth"

"In who’s shoes do you want to walk for a day"

"Be silent, relax and be aware of your inner..."

"What do you think you need to be successful"

"What to do with critical partners"

"Where are you most happy about"

"Is having a plan for life important"

"What do you think you need to improve your life"

"The influence of the stars in our life"

"How to learn to think different and find solutions"

"Act, but do not react"

"What kind of things do you still expect from yourself"

"What can hold you back from personal growth"

"What can make your mind instantly change"

"Whot kind of skills does a good parent need you think"

"How conscious do we raise our children"

"Recognizing the inner child"

"What brings balance in your life"

"Forgiveness of self as tool to oneness"

"You are so much more than what you believe you are"

"The way we talk or weekly conversations"

"Order in our lives"

"What will make todey perfect for you"

"Others, everything that had an influence..."

"The difference between compassion and pity"

"Be kind and considerate as you live the outcomes"

"What is your definition of happiness"

"The most important person in your life is YOU"

"When you don’t love yourself you can’t ..."

"Finding tools of empowerment"

"The meaning of existence"

"What is your opinion about personal development"

"How do you deal with emotions of fear and anger"

"What do you miss in your life"

"What is mental abuse"

"How do you get more respect from others"

"Whot makes you doubtful about ..."

"Being spirit living a human life"

"Everyone has a certain opinion about life"

"It’s difficult to be always optimistic and directing"

"What makes us look for growth, development"

"Are you complaining about the mess that goes..."

"Not knowing what to do with your repetitive..."

"Manifesting abundance is the art to trust"

"Do you think that life is always fair to you"

"What is your opinion about personal strains"

"The unlimited potential that you are may ..."

"What is your opinion about the world today"

"What skills do you to improve your life"

"What makes us look for growth, development"

"Is it what it is, is it what I want"

"What can hold you back from personal growth"

"What is God"

"Your own importance"

"Going from theory into practice"

"What will it take"

"Seeing the bigger picture"

More coming soon