This new marathon is designed to work for the next 10 days on distance with the talents you have, bringing yourself in a state of self-hypnosis to expand your mind, energizing your creativity and inner wisdom. The meaning is to train yourself to connect with a role-model from which you learn to explore your own ability to be successful, training yourself to listen to your inner wisdom and answers, guiding
yourself to powerful solutions.
We are asking you to look into 10 questions, while you relax… bringing yourself in a mild trance state and concentrate on achieving what you so far, not have been able to manifest, listening to this role-model that can be of help in keeping you concentrating on what has to be done.
We said it before: ‘Present, past and future are only existing in the human experience while Oneness means that ‘All’ is always present, holding the past and future’. The goal is to connect with your ‘role-model’ and because ‘time’ does not exist, It can be a ‘role-model’ from the present or past or even the perfect you in the future, as long as you experience the access to listen to answers that you have so far
not found. ‘Listening’ in this case means that you listen with your heart, not with your head. Listening and feeling the energy of that person, the motivation and the wisdom, experiencing the flow, the easiness and effortless achievement manifesting abundance and success.
We made 10 questions that you can ask yourself first and while going deeper in them, to discuss with your role-model, hearing the things you never thought of, or ignored to see.

Here they come…

The questions to find your own personal Goal:

  1. What do you want to achieve? (1-the goal)
  2. How do you stick to your goals? (2-the form)
  3. What keeps you from being successful? (3-the inner child)
  4. How can you be more effective? (4-the adult)
  5. What will make you more motivated? (5-the act)
  6. What do you need to change your mind? (6-the courage)
  7. What will boost your confidence? (7-the outcome)
  8. Are you willing to give up (bad) habits? (8-the surrender)
  9. Do you trust yourself? (9-the motivation)
  10. Do you dare to explore your creativity/potential? (10-The journey)