Holistic Cyprus presents classes, workshops, one to one sessions and lectures in which every individual may explore his own potential, becoming aware of his own power and creativity.

     All activities are based on connecting people with their own inner strength, recognizing tools, talents and ways to improve and empower the life they live, finding solutions to their life’s challenges, empowering awareness by changing problems into opportunities to learn from.

     Holistic Cyprus believes that everyone here in this world makes a difference, raising the unique awareness of people, transforming this world into a place in which we express our power through wisdom, peace, love and harmony.

     Holistic Cyprus passionately connects people all over the world in their desire to understand, rediscover and using their personal talents and gifts, creating an abundant and healthy life.

     Holistic Cyprus has the desire of sharing and guiding people into a new way of life, giving up the limitation of conditioned mind and living the unlimited potential of their Being.


Services offered by Holistic Cyprus:

  • individual sessions
  • group sessions
  • Workshops and training for therapists
  • Supervision ( for professionals)
  • Seminars
  • Corporate workshops and seminars

As a counselor/therapist I work with different disciplines as:

see within the section service to get detailed information regarding those information.