Our team

Svetlana Lepetukh

    Svetlana passionate about breathwork. Practicing and working with Rebirthing breathwork is a guiding tool in her personal transformation as well as transformation of her clients. Svetlana also a Reiki master and an astrologer.

     "I love to incorporate all three in my work. It gives me a unique intuitive approach to my work. I believe there is no limit to our creative insights that can be seen, acknowledged and initially embraced in this world, this body, this lifetime."

     Tel: +35799352226
     Mail: svetlana.info78@gmail.com

Olga Shurygina

  Olga is engaged in the digitalization of all material: book design and processing, designer, videographer and photographer, video and photo editing, social networks, promotion, does her best to show the world Holistic Cyprus.

     Tel: +35797734990
     Mail: olkinnepryxa@gmail.com