Meditations (audio)


“No desires”
“Spiritual Awakening”
“Meditating on the 9 attitudes of Mindfulness”
“The Eagle”
“Aligning with the Chakras”
“Climbing the tree”
“Meditation on Imagination”
“Being Vulnerable”
“Your enlightenment”
“The abundance of your potential”
“Wisphers of empathy”
“Abundant Life”
“The POWER you are”
“Life observation”
“Awareness of strength”
“Circles of Light”
“Be the force behind your breath”
“The Journey”
“Grateful Thoughts”
“Your guilty mind”
“Thankful Thoughts”
“Your Light”
“Being Mindful”
“The Healing Fire and the shaman’s drum”
“Year end’s Meditation”
“Reaching for the sky”
“The shamanic chakra empowerment”
“World Light Meditation”
“From Non Existence into Existence MBS 2023”
“Season meditation”
“The tree of light”
“The Lions’ meditation”
“Overcoming separation”
“Walk the earth for a moment”
“Watching the sky”
“The tree”
“The Illusion”
“Walking the tunnel”
“Letting go”
“Awareness of the Observer”
“The creator”
“Chakra awareness”
“Acceptance of Life”
“Gratitude and Peace Meditation”
“Your mind”
“Contemplating on thoughts”
“Awareness about potential”
“A night at the beach”
“Sunlight Meditation”
“Meditation of the enlightened ONE”
“Your thoughs”
“What was, will be and IS”
“Living Life”
“The Tree of Surrender”
“Freedom meditation”
“Mindful Body Meditation”
“Awareness of the Inner Being”
“Empowerment meditation”
“Awareness of the Inner Being”
“Meditation Being All”
“The seven wolves”
“Mindful Meditating”
“Daring to be vulnerable”
“Silent observer”
“Anxiety release”
“Your stepping stones to growth”
“The fire circle”
“Your place in this world”
“Thoughts of Gratitude”
“The moment now”
“Meditation New Year 2023”
“Chakra Meditation”
“World light meditation”
“Meditation Transformation”
“Awareness meditation”
“Contemplating on abundance”
“Meditation on alignment…”
“Self awareness Meditation”
“Meditation on your strength”
“Meditation on the circle of Light”
“Empowerment Meditation”
“Consciousness of the thinker”
“World peace meditation”
“Observation of the mind”
“Wings of your heart”
“Your breath “
“My mind”
“Endless Compassion”
“Meditation on the power of silence”
“Poem of peace”
“Meditation on existence…”
“Conscious Life”
“Meditation on the Directions of the Mind”
“The power to be vulnerable”
“Pause for experience”
“The universe”
“The free will”
“Path of Light Healing “
“Exploration of guilt”
“Making the step”
“The Fire”
“The Power of your Gut”
“The path to your heart”
“Being vulnerable”
“Meditation on Empathy”
“Love meditation”
“Decca Delta Light”
“Observing the mind”
“Embracing self”
“The radiant flame of Being”
“You are the Buddah”
“The power of ‘BEING’”
“Sleep meditation (package)”
“The presence of Abundance”
“Reiki Forgiveness Meditation”
“Your breath”

Festive meditations

World Light meditation
Watch the world