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You can book your participation by texting me on email or phone or social networks and I and we will contact you and tell all the details.

Workshop “Releasing your traumas”

In this workshop we make 7 steps… step by step recognizing how we react on things in life instead of acting from within. So, we investigate your perception of life, your fears, your power, your possibilities and opportunities, your wisdom and willingness, your flexibility of changing your mind and the trust you have in yourself. I said it before, we are energy…

MARATHON "Aligning with the energy of success!"

We made 10 questions that you can ask yourself first and while going deeper in them, to discuss with your role-model, hearing the things you never thought of, or ignored to see. Here they come…

Workshop "A Mind-training in Smart Slimming"

Instead of letting your thoughts getting you into trouble or making you confused or sensitive why not starting to use your mind powerful, making it a helpful tool? Tool that you can use daily becoming more conscious of the thoughts you have about feeding yourself, keeping yourself healthy and how much respect you show to yourself while using your body as a temple or a trashcan.

More coming soon