In this workshop we make 7 steps… step by step recognizing how we react on things in life instead of acting from within.

      So, we investigate your perception of life, your fears, your power, your possibilities and opportunities, your wisdom and willingness, your flexibility of changing your mind and the trust you have in yourself. I said it before, we are energy… the tool in this workshop is the exploration of our chakras, subtle energy centers, being specific frequencies in the ocean of universal energy in which we want to find more understanding of the different levels of our human existence, developing our awareness of what and why we store traumas in the (soul) body I know, it’s a lot and therefore we go step by step, investigating how you perceive life and where you learned to do it this way, what kind of traumas are keeping you away of living your life the way you want it, what are you able to receive, what keeps you from wealth, health and prosperity?

    In this workshop we investigate all those hidden memories, unconsciously relived in daily life, creating difficulties and keeping us from peace, power and harmony!

    We all live our frustrations and have moments that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Every human being in this world, knows about worry and guilt, fear and sadness. Human life seems to be a struggle with the mindset you have adapted.

    Your conditioning makes you feel not in control of what you want, hope for or dream about. You have learned to perceive your life as something you can’t be always in control of, forgetting that giving your control away is still control. We have learned to battle with ourselves, to work hard for what we want and to persevere with the idea of not being safe with ourselves, needing others to help us and yes, sometimes we do.

    There is nothing wrong about asking for help, respecting the other for having different insights and knowledge than you. But the feeling of not being safe and assuming that others know ‘better’ than you, are created by experiences of the past. Your parents, taking care of you as a child, your role-models later in life, but also the many experiences of past lives in this world, hidden as small traumas in every cell of your DNA.

    We all are energy, Spirit, we choose to live a human life to enlighten what still until now remains in darkness. We may realize that this ‘darkness’ contains the traumas of disappointment, fear and anger earlier experienced in past lives. The end of a ‘lifetime’ is not the end of the trauma and will be stored in our soul material to be enlightened again. Every cell in our body can think, is aware and carries the traumas of all what is experienced so far. Our physical body is giving us presence in this world and is also a roadmap of what already is understood or may be investigated even more.

    Living life is not a punishment but an opportunity to bring out your power, your light, and your wisdom. In this workshop we investigate those hidden memories, unconsciously relived in our daily life difficulties and keeping us from peace and harmony. By recognizing the trauma, we are able to release it.