Today’s Thought

Your life is a never-ending process of thoughts, the way you think reflects the life you live, beautiful or miserable. Nothing matters if you do not give it a thought. Nothing happens when you do not make it important or inspire it to be of significance in your life. Life itself is flow, silent, the years, minutes and hours will anyway tick away on the clock in the nothingness of time. Observe the thoughts you have just now; are they relevant, important enough to ruin your day? Remind yourself that the most important and inspiring chain of thoughts you have let you pass the levels of awareness in which you create and manifest peace, harmony, and love for all what you experience in life. Life is all about unfolding the wisdom you are, enlightening the limitations of human (collective) thought in which you may inspire love to happen embracing all, as All is part of you!

Love and Light, Wil