Today’s Thought

Maybe you are wondering why you have to learn the lessons of life, while your ‘being’ is ‘perfect’. What is the reason for the spiritual being living this human life…? This is a question you ask from the ego-mind, which is always asking, wondering in questions of what, how and why. The mind lives in duality and understands, comprehends only when it can compare with or reaches something. Life is not a ‘lesson’ but an unfolding of your wisdom in which you ‘know’ that All is perfect, whole, and complete. Your question only arises when you identify with your mind and start thinking about good and bad. With your presence here in this world you may manifest only love, passing away from the illusion of the lessons of duality when you finally give up the ‘need’ to ‘know’. As ‘life’ is an ongoing creation of the Enlightened One to express just that: Love and Light!

Love and Light, Wil