Today’s Thought

The day will come that you don’t see the sunrise anymore, time will pass without you noticing and your voice is silent, no longer will you speak your truth. Your life is a breath in eternity while you are on your way to becoming aware of the consciousness of All. On that morning your breath has expended, and you will see beyond all things without the need to enjoy, being aware of All. Until that morning you may bring your light into this world, your consciousness may shine like a lamp in the darkness, bringing clarity in this world of duality, enlightening the choices of goodwill. The day your heart stops to embrace the silence of unlimited potential, you will no longer be present but past in this world. Today observe your value to this world, be present and ask yourself if you do enough, add or explore, if so, be grateful if not, start opening your heart today, shining your light, bringing peace into all your actions as they are the seeds of the new morning to come wherever.

Love and Light, Wil