Today’s Thought

All your daily activities and situations carry the opportunity to show your growth and wisdom. Even the simplest act can be done with great dignity, peace and care. You make the difference in how you approach, think and act with all you go through in life. When you can maintain harmony and keep your peace while life becomes a rollercoaster, it means you have turned to your heart, understanding, and knowing that the value you give it will make the difference. Ask yourself with all that you will encounter today: ‘Is it important, true and worthy enough to give up my peace of heart and mind. Observe the difference when you approach it from your heart or reason from your mind. All what you can embrace transforms, all what you resist becomes a seed of fear. Make the difference today, speak from your heart and act with compassion, life offers you every day the choice to do it your best way!

Love and Light, Wil