Today’s Thought

Everything is filtered through your brain, your mind talks about good or bad, right and wrong, your judgments are considered by the experiences you have. Maybe you think there is no escape but today concentrate on what you feel even though you also have learned to judge your feelings. Ask yourself; ‘what happens now when I act from my heart, speak words of love or embrace this situation with compassion and peace?”. Use that mind of yours to make different choices and don’t accept your first impulse as your mind is the place in which you may express your free will. How free are you when you never ask yourself where your choices are coming from and if they bring the outcomes, you truly want? Observe your thoughts and don’t give them importance, just listen and realize that your conditioned mind doesn’t have a choice following up with what you have been programming there. Only your heart may erase your fears and adopt enlightened thoughts improving the quality of your life.

Love and Light, Wil