Today’s Thought

Today step out of the box, think big and overcome your fears, put down the boundaries of your conditioned mind and be free again. Nothing is created from what you don’t dare to dream about. All is possible when you allow your imagination to provide for you. Your passion and dreams are the ingredients of a fulfilling and happy life, your anger and fear are the seeds of doubt and worry. Today promise yourself to think big, inspire the creativity you carry inside as only then will you allow the truth of your being to unfold. Give space to the unknown and rediscover the unlimited power you have. Be able to receive abundantly and remind yourself that you are no victim of circumstances in this world. Your presence in this world is to be ‘present’, right here and now, to share your light and empower others to do the same. It’s not about ‍‘doing’ but about ‘being’…. Identifying yourself with the inner light.

Love and Light, Wil