Today’s Thought

 ‘Time’ brings change to your body like everyone around you will experience. ‘Time’ seems to fly when you enjoy yourself, giving you opportunity and challenges but it will for sure make you ‘older’ every day. Watching the mirror, looking how your hair turns grey and your face wrinkles and even when you stretch and hold on to your exercises you face your body slowly changing. It’s a pity but Botox and creams will not stop the process of your physical appearance, but it doesn’t have to stop you living a powerful life. It all depends on how you think and act with all what you experience and encounter as life is not about keeping yourself ‘young’ but it’s all about recognizing the eternal power of your Spirit. Today may the outside show your inside, your powerful unbroken, never changing Spirit, always embracing silently what your thoughts manifest in this world.

Love and Light, Wil