You are my Valentine


  1. Foreword
  2. Guided Meditation on Love
  3. Contemplations and Guiding Thoughts on Love
  4. The power to be vulnerable


     We hope that you will enjoy this free download and share it with the ones you love!

     This booklet may give you some inspiration to express your love and so it may enlighten the heart of your Valentine!


The Holistic Cyprus team wishes you a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the one you love!

Guided meditation on Love

Go through the relaxation part, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Feel the relaxation in every part of your body, moving slowly down from your head till your feed. Be aware of your body and focus on your breathing.

When a thought comes in, observe your thought, and let go…

No struggle, no frustration, you are a witness of your thoughts, slowly you dissolve the turmoil in your head when you experience the inner silence of the heart.

Visualize a golden energy in front of you, slowly coming towards you, entering your crown charka.  Feel how a beautiful ray of light like a golden sun, filling your head, gentle moving and spiralling from your head through your body, filling every cell of your body with this golden energy and you peacefully become this golden light.

Be aware of your inner peace, your inner silence and feel the love radiating from your heart charka as you reach out in this world with that love, this peace, this harmony.

Slowly feel yourself expending, becoming one with All. No separation....

You are part of everything, you ARE ONE.

I promise myself to remind myself of the Love I am:

I feel the sensation of my Oneness and recognize the feelings and emotions of others, as I am a witness of All,

I Recognize my emotions, but not being them.

I Recognize my feelings not letting them take control.

I Release fear as I trust the love I feel inside, transforming this fear into eternal wisdom and insights.

I Feel how Love unfolds gently the lesson in everything I go through, as there is no punishment, only opportunity to learn.

I recognize the lessons I have created for myself to experience, being kind to myself and empower my heart bringing love to myself.

I Accept that I are creator of my own Universe.

I am responsible for my life, and don’t resist what life brings,

I inspire my heart to embrace what is.

I Don’t blame others for my limited thoughts.

I Recognize the beauty in everything and everyone around me.

I Trust my intuition.

I Connect the coincidences as a result of my actions.

I give up the struggle of Ego mind and find acceptance and truth.

I realize that all struggle comes from my conditioning and expectation.

I love and honour my Self in acceptance of the true Being I am.

I reach out from my heart and inspire the hearts of others to open to enlighten this world with love.

There is always a path when we walk it with our hearts open, enlightening the possibilities that are given.

All is reflection, we receive what we give out, so, feed your relationship with acceptance, respect and kindness and your world will show your effort!

Do some introspection before you start blaming someone else.

Start loving yourself by forgiving yourself not receiving what is rightfully yours!




Contemplations and Guiding Thoughts


     Love never tells what to do, it accepts what is. It embraces and forgives, never gives up and guides without interference. Start with looking at your own life and others with this love, respect yourself and others for where you and they are, without the need to change anything. Everyone is faced with certain limitations, but it is not the limitations what matters. What matters is the determination and the desire to make things happen, to love and to respect of what happens. Only then peace resides in our hearts and lives. may enlighten the heart of your Valentine!

Guiding Thought:

Act, don’t react…


    Respect people for where they are at and accept them when they challenge your patience. Notice their good qualities and just get on with living your own life. Nobody needs to be saved. The idea is just to listen, you may suggest something that has worked for you, but stay detached as real guidance never will interfere with free will. Love never tells what to do. Love only accepts what is.

Guiding Thought:

The experience of unconditional love begins in your own heart, not in someone else’s.


Relaxation: Find a comfortable place. Breath to your belly, 4 counts in, 7 out, be aware of your physical body calming down.

I become silent, guided by my heart, I surrender to the source of love.

Visualizing a beautiful light that guides you even deeper inside, travelling through time and space as your presents holds all memory.

You take another breath and let your heart inspire the places of past, present and future, understanding that all is in this moment Now.

Your gratitude and love transforming your expectations in deep awareness of truth and faith, being conscious of all that there is, giving up need and pain, transforming them in opportunities of abundance.

Recognizing Unconditional Love as the base of All that is.

Breathe and allow yourself to receive… don’t hold back…

Tune into the flow of abundance …



    Nothing prospers that does not come from love. Look at your life and observe where you struggle or feel not happy about. It can be your work or relationships and ask yourself how much love, care, and dedication you give it. What you don't put into it, you can't expect back from it. You make the difference in putting your heart into your work, caring about what you do, sharing in relationships in which you empower the people around you to do the same. It's about you, being truthful, forgiving yourself for all blame and expectation you have put on others, taking responsibility for your life, which then will unfold with prosperity and contentment.

    Remember to carry your smile today to create a global connection as we all smile in the same language.

Meditate on Love:

I am my heart, I am Power, I am All… I reach out in this world with my heart, I become silent and let my heart embrace All.

Breathe and send your love out to all places of need, transforming them into places of peace. Calm down the minds of those in despair and reset their thinking into a direction of joy and happiness.

Breathe and trust your heart to inspire all those who search for guidance and wisdom.


In difficult times you can do two things, thinking it will all be better or worse. If you are sad or angry don't push it away, look at it and learn from it, as all carries a message or lesson inside. Embrace what is and in this way, you don't resist your true feelings who direct you to your own needs. When you lose loved ones, when your house is destroyed, still you are there, and you are important! It is you who will rewrite your future, it is you who will act, feel the power of your heart, and know that you deserve the best in life. Embrace yourself and take care, ask for love and it will be given, as the world contains unlimited abundance of love, receive, and rejoice in the light.

Guiding Thought:

Respecting those around you, shows your own respect for Self. Truly loving others can only be done from the level of love you have for yourself.


Go through the relaxation part and concentrate on the heart. Breathe and listen to the silence of your heart, going deeper with your heartbeat into the stillness.

Allow the names of who you love to fill the space and give gratitude to all of those who empower your life with their love. Let their names be the inspiration of this moment.

Remembering them by one, paying attention to the unique place they have in your life.

Feel your gratitude for sharing and embrace all what comes to your mind, not holding back, not judging, simply becoming part of the flow of love and Light.


  Learn to answer with love as love is the answer to your deepest sense of separation.  Love for yourself is the light as love comes from you. To be the light you may embrace the darkness, your darkness. You may learn to look at fear with love in your heart, your fear. You will learn that all fear is alike, and it betrays a lack of love. You may start on forgiving yourself and making yourself free to receive love fully, the love coming from your own heart. Only then you give up separation.

Guiding Thought:

Practice to accept what is whatever arises in the Now, within and without.


   What we call unconditional love is most of the time no love but habit, security, or attachment. Unconditional love has no needs, has no judgment, and will never give up. It is like the love of the parent for the child even when the child turns out to be a liar, a thief, or a murderer. The love in many relationships is based on hope and expectations what will turn in disappointment and anger, when we don’t realize that love is a constant effort of respect, allowing the other to be himself. When love is broad, it embraces things/others as itself.

Guiding Thought:

Love appears as the kindness of your heart to respect all those you meet!

Meditate on unconditional love…

Take time to relax and think of all those who make you smile, as it empties your mind, focusing on happiness and joy. Feel grateful for the moments you feel respected and embraced with the warmth and safety of faithful friendships, truthful attention, and real care. Open your heart. Embrace your world. Be humble and kind accepting what is given in your life, empowering it with your own best intention, being willing to receive.

Take a breath and promise yourself:

I love others as they are, not as I want them to be, so my world becomes a place of love and peace.


We seek love here or there, we look for love everywhere or we expect it to come to us, usually through another person. All our conditioning tells us, it’s something that happens to us. The modern industries, and even the mythology of our fables and legends lets us belief that we ‘fall into’ it. And yet, real love cannot be acquired, possessed, or accumulated. It cannot be known when we think it comes from outside. The ultimate paradox is, we are it. We are Love, each of one is a source of love. Falling in love is impossible. As we give love in whatever way, we are the ones to experience it first, the deepest trust and purest love is known and experienced only when we give it, not take it.

Guiding Thought:

A heart filled with love creates a peaceful mind.


What if this is the last day of your life? Would you fill your day with the same activities you normally do? Not wasting your time with things that you don’t want or filling a job you don’t like. Do you look into the mirror this morning and honestly can say that today you will live your day to the max? Showing your love to others, doing the things that make a difference and filling your heart with peace, knowing you have done your best.

Guiding Thought:

Only when you truly believe that anything is possible, miracles begin to happen.

The power to be vulnerable.

To have loving relationships you will need to keep your heart open and be willing to be vulnerable. You do not want to build walls and shut out people. Walls imprison you personally more than they keep others out. You will have to take down the walls that you put between you and others to have soul relationships, for walls are obstacles keeping you away from reaching out with love or receiving it.

Practice keeping your heart open, even when you are in difficult situations. Doing so awakens your heart centers and brings you closer to your soul.

When you are willing to be vulnerable, you have nothing to defend. You do not need to apologize or to explain yourself to others. You accept yourself as you are and accept others as they are. You do not try to live up to others’ expectations, or to an image of perfection so others will think better about you. You stop feeling inferior or superior to others, as everyone is in his own way, perfect, whole, and complete. You are aware of the strength that comes from showing others that your actions are maybe not always perfect but that you are a lovable, worthy and a wonderful person just the way you are!

When you are able to be vulnerable, you let go of your pride so you can create more love between yourself and others. If someone seems hurt or angry with you, you heal the relationship by asking yourself and the other person how you might change the way you offer love. You are willing to look at yourself honestly, admit when you have been unloving and extend an offer of peace. You examine what thoughts, beliefs and feelings are separating you from others and are you willing to change them. Are you secure enough within yourself to know that it’s alright not always to behave perfect or loving all the time? Can you forgive and accept yourself and thus be more open and vulnerable with others? Are you able to support and encourage others in being more open and vulnerable with you?

Think of times when people let down their defenses or let go of their pride, building bridges rather than walls. You probably felt very loving and accepting of people when they were willing to be vulnerable. Recall a time that you were vulnerable, and someone was loving and understanding with you.


Every human being is a unique spiritual being, and as such, a source of the most precious energy in universe. Every human being has a wealth that is beyond imagination. This wealth is completely invisible, intangible, and deep eternal. Love is what we are, purpose of life is to know and be it, and when we do, all other energies including all material stuff will come back to us. Few of us are aware of it, let alone consciously tapping it and expressing it as most of us have this totally distorted view on wealth and an inherited belief system which clouds our view and access to the riches, we contain within our hearts…as love is the gold of the soul.

Guiding Thought:

Good wishes to others are like sunlight, filtering into the dark corners of their mind and lightening their burden.


Take a break from all what you are doing and spend some time simply being you. Listen to your heart instead of being a prisoner of your mind. Allow yourself to breath peacefully and don’t hurry to perform. You are perfect as you are, as you are love itself. Don’t identify for a moment with the roles you play all the time but surrender to the peace that radiates from your heart. Finding love inside of you makes you able to reach out loving others.

Guiding Thought:

To love is participating with compassion in the experience of life.


All you meet today is a challenge to improve your love for self, giving up the battle and the false believes you have about yourself. Break down the greatest barrier of not being worthy and allow yourself to have more than you ever thought possible. Start recognizing that the universal supply is infinite. Honor and nurture yourself and today will be an experience of the unlimited potential there is.

Guiding Thought:

To recognize complete inner peace and total love can be reached in a single moment or may take a lifetime, don’t judge, experience, observe and surrender.


Nothing is powerful enough to hold you back today when you choose to make the best out of it. No one keeps you from changing your mind as you decide to do so. All around you will adjust to what you decide today. Others have no power over you when you make the choice to be in control of yourself. You give them power when you allow them to be more important than yourself. So recognize and live today that awareness of your own importance, and make it a day filled with the wonders of your powerful love.

Guiding Thought:

Simplicity gives birth to inspiration.


Keep up your dreams as visions to be reached from the awareness that you can create them. Belief yourself as you are the designer of your reality. Accept the control and power you are, from which you radiant inspire the life you live. Explore the talents you have by not holding back to use them. Life unfolds abundantly when you dare to take the risk to be successful, kind and huble.

Guiding Thought:

Life never stops you, your mind does.


Being in love is something different as loving someone. Being in love is like a trance, a state we bring ourselves in, believing our own illusion we create about that person, blinding ourselves for the shortcomings. We all talk about love but don’t realize that most of the time our feelings and emotions don’t allow us to see the other person clearly. Do we really know what unconditional love is? To love someone is seeing the shortcomings but allowing that person to be who he/she is with respect and compassion. Love is an Insight when you change your thinking about what you need into what you can accept and respect from the other.


Love is a decision, a verb, and inspiration and a healer. Never give up on Love as you than give up on yourself!