Dental Hygienist Connie Bislev

Dental Hygienist Connie Bislev In this episode Wilhelmina met therapist RDH Connie Bislev, Registered Dental Hygienist, she shares her vision as a life coach with us! Learn more about Connie on her website (http://holisticdentalhygienist.com/) Click on photo to watch the full episode

Podcast “New age parents”

Podcast “New age parents” Podcast for New Age parents raising children with a higher sensitivity with Wilhelminа de Boer Dekker (Psychologist, Counselor/Coach/Psychotherapist/Supervisor and Reiki Master Teacher – visit https://holisticcyprus.eu for more) and Tania Pirilidou (Lawyer, Children’s Book Writer, Blogger https://lightfulwhispers.com ). How do we handle our children who interpret our words by feeling our real …

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