When you look for God or a higher source, know thyself. Be aware of the Sun and the Moon; be aware of the flowers in the fields, the trees in the forest and the wind blowing, as it is all an expression of the God you are looking for.
      All of what you see in nature needs not a confirmation to exist; there will be a new sunrise and a new sunset no matter what is going on in what you call your present life.
      When your focus no longer lies in the expectation to find solutions, to be or have more, you become aware of what you are, being conscious of your Godly eternal essence.
      The true God unfolds in the eternal essence of life itself in which mankind may experience its own creation.
The law of attraction is one aspect of this awareness as it’s not about the results we fancy or hope for, but all about the awareness of the unlimited potential we are capable of manifesting. You are the seed and source of creation, reflecting the awareness of it and therefore manifesting abundantly exactly just “that” which you inspire in, “All” that you are capable of thinking, realizing, comprehending and understanding, expanding all consciousness of Self in which you may conclude that “All” is part of you……
      Self- realization is the awareness of the “God” you are.

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