Today’s Thought

How many times per day do you think:’ it’s not fair, how in the world can this happen, I don’t like it, I don’t want this,” sounds familiar? Our thoughts are thousands of times directed to what we do not want or are miserable or worried about. The shadow of the demon of fear does not allow you to shine your light on all what is there as you gave it (most of the time unconsciously) permission to be in your life limiting the way you think and act. To change that you must realize that is not about making your life peaceful or better but all about you becoming ‘conscious’ what you allow there to be in, important or not, helpful or not. Reflecting on yourself, understanding where you give your power away, where you make others more important than yourself, there you can make the change, taking back your power, honoring yourself, acting from your heart, enlightening all what is!

Love and Light, Wil