Today’s Thought

When you hope to have a peaceful life where do you think about? What is your opinion about ‘peace’? Some will see it as being in balance but what is that personal ‘balance’ for you? You are thinking about not having any needs so you do not have to worry that you cannot provide for them. While ‘peace’ is a state of mind in which ‘nothing’ happens, and the awareness of peace can only happen through the turmoil you normally go through. The longing for peace is the recognition of the daily chaos of your mind. So today be still and realize that you don’t long for something you don’t know or never have dreamed about, your turmoil is all about those small issues that got stuck and you started to give it an extra thought, now instead of fueling what gets you out of your peace, become still again and promise yourself not to waste your time initiating and empowering thoughts you don’t even want, stay still again and peace will embrace you!

Love and Light, Wil