Today’s Thought

What do you think makes you special, powerful, and lovable? What kind of talents do you have? You find this a weird question, and maybe you never have given it a thought. But when you do not know what makes you powerful you can never put your focus there, improving and initiating it. You know everything about you that you do not like about yourself, you know the ins and outs of your judgmental thoughts, all about what you should improve and stop doing. It is so easy to make your life miserable and it seems challenging work to enjoy and to embrace it fully. Today make a list of what you are good at and how you used that for yourself. Are you a good listener, so tell me; how dedicated are you to listening to yourself. Are your kind and loving… does that also mean that you take safe care of yourself? You may keep giving others what they need but remember that ‘giving’ requires you to receive first.

Love and Light, Wil