Today’s Thought

The law of attraction is something that lots of people try to understand. Mostly to feel secure, reassuring them self that all will be ok if they believe in the things they like to happen. The thing is Are they truly ‘believing’ their thoughts? What kind of intention are they activating, their hopes, wishes, dreams or their power, peace, and control? What is the difference? The difference is BIG! If you dream, wish, and hope you activate more of it, more dreams… and nothing will change…you delay the moment to live your dream. The law of attraction is about you able to receive what is already there. Your thoughts of not having what you need, being afraid not to get what you want are closing your eyes for the abundance that is given to you. Today open your eyes and be grateful for everything you have and certainly it will endless multiply. Remember manifesting wealth, health and happiness is all about you allowing it to happen!

Love and Light, Wil