Today’s Thought

You are upset or angry, you are fearful, completely frustrated and life seems to be without hope, you think you cannot take it any longer and fail to see progress or cannot accept help. Then you are in a very lonely place where even your own heart stops caring for you as you have closed off all compassion and trust in yourself. It is an empty place in which you feel lost to see solutions not being able to find your inner power. You become judgmental about yourself and forget that you cannot compare your situation with the suffering of others as all what you see as ‘your’ personal problem occupies your mind and keeps you prisoner of the many thoughts that make it even worse, darker, and upsetting. Today watch your own mind, be kind and humble to yourself as you are the one that may gently open your heart to shine your light on the thoughts you have in the dark corners of your mind.

Love and Light, Wil