Today’s Thought

It’s not as much about ‘learning’ but about being curious and using your imagination that will develop a greater view, expanding your knowledge and deepening your wisdom.  Through repetition and explanation, you ’learn’ to use what you have discovered. Every child has this curiosity to explore the world and the safer and secure it feels, the more creative it becomes to experience what’s out there, rediscovering his/her own talents and gifts. You are the Creator of your world and it’s in your hands to use your imagination but how safe do you feel, how much faith do you have in your ability to reach your goals? It takes your courage to develop that point of view that you are responsible for what happens in your world and your dedication to change what you don’t like. Today, imagine a perfect world and give it your gratitude, changing today into the first day of the rest of your life in which you are a conscious and aware Creator!

Love and Light, Wil