Today’s Thought

Today, live simply, pay attention to the small things around you and don’t complicate your life with thoughts of worry. Difficult?  Is your mind easily occupied with thoughts you don’t like to have. Are you frustrated and upset?  It’s so common to think that you can’t change your mind and have to be worried. Remember that you are the master of your mind and ask yourself; ‘who is thinking all the thoughts I have? Observe today how all your thoughts are influencing your feelings and behavior and you will find out that most thoughts you have are flavored with an emotional experience  that you had as a child. When someone tells you off, you easily start defending yourself, making it a personal matter instead of understanding that you see it as something the other may find, think or experience. Today for a change, don’t make things personal, leave the opinion of others with them. Pay attention to the small things around you, be aware of the beauty and feed your mind with peace and love.

Love and Light, Wil