Today’s Thought

All what you can think of has the potential to exist and it depends on what kind of emotion or feeling you let matter in your life. All around you reflects the way you think as your ‘reality’ is a collective mind form which you strongly belief to exist. The more you realize that you have the power to change your mind, being in control, the better you take responsibility for what happens in your life. Life is not just happening out there but a total expression of what you feed your mind and the only one who lives it is you. There are as many ‘realities’ as people in this world realizing their power or fear, influencing that collective thought, and creating the illusion of separation, forgetting that we are all One. Today is another opportunity to let things matter and be aware of what you choose to feed your mind with. Is it fear, ignorance and anger or peace, trust, and love? Have faith in your own ability to create whatever you want, and your world will express your power.

Love and Light, Wil