Today’s Thought

What are your fears and are they real. What are they built on and how do you deal with them? Realize that your fears are based on the things you have learned to believe to be ‘true’, you’re conditioned and raised in a certain community teaching you to be afraid, so you behave and obey the rules of that group. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real and creates a kind of struggle in which you become the victim of your thoughts, so fear is only a perception of your mind and so is your reality. ‘Reality’ exists in your mind and all what seems to be fearful is hidden in the darkness of your inability of that moment to understand or see what is ‘true’. The more fearful you are, the further you are from truth and light. Today have the courage to give up the fears you thought to be true, enlighten your mind with thoughts of peace, as the way you perceive this world will unfold.

Love and Light, Wil