Past Life Therapy

Past life regression 

 I use Past life regression only in psychotherapy sessions . Through a hypnosis/trance state we make contact with deep memories dormant lying in the subconscious mind. We all carry those memories. The word ‘regression’ maybe give the impression that you go back to the memory (a life time) while this knowledge always lies dormant in the subconscious mind. In a regression session, they can appear as an experience of a lifetime that has been lived before or as a symbolic explanation giving you insights about the present issues in your life.

Why doing a regression?

We encounter all kind of challenges in our life and most of them we handle and solve with common sense or with the help of a professional but we have sometimes reoccurring events in life which makes us curious or desperate for an answer. I use regression as a tool in psychotherapeutic sessions  for those for example  who attract every time the same type of partner, people with abusive relationships or addictive behavior. It can be about a phobia or an illness or problems with your boss/job.

Regression is not used if there is a personality disorder, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder as it needs a healthy clear mind to work with the insights you get from the regression.

You don’t need to’ believe in’ regression to do one as it’s an experience of Self, you are tapping into that memory bank that you normally don’t need but can be of help now to guide you to past events so you can understand what blocks you and become more aware of your choices, not being a victim of your problem but recognizing your hidden wisdom, talents, and experiences. Your problem becomes your possibility…With the help of a professional psychotherapist, you learn to implement this experience in your present life. It’s not about how much can see and experience in a regression itself but what you can use out of it to make your life more effective and successful.

In the hypnotic state or trance, you stay focused on the unfolding of the messages of your subconscious mind in which time doesn’t exist. All hypnosis is self hypnoses and therefore you are still conscious of yourself in a regression. In regression you don’t have to relive the event but may witness it so you can see the bigger picture and understand your own choices. This will help to change your mind or expand your insights about what happens in your life.

We are all One, eternal spiritual beings and we all return life after life experiences to that unlimited potential of our Being. We reincarnate as a soul fragment from that potential, we all share the same wisdom, the same darkness and light and when we enlighten All …….. existence disappears, no being…to nothingness…not a thing… memory, no life…..

so as you can understand……

Past Life Therapy can be a powerful tool to get to the core of a problem. The subconscious mind is not limited by our imposed boundaries of logic, space and time. It can remember everything from any time as it is connected to the potential that we are. It can transmit solutions to your problems, transcending the ordinary to touch upon wisdom far beyond our everyday capabilities.

Becoming acquainted with your former lives is by no means a flight into the past, but actually a prerequisite to separate the past from the present so you may live consciously in the present.

In this therapy you start understanding karmic ties with present relationships or discover the origin behind current fears and phobias only through remembering, reflecting upon and in turn releasing these feelings from the subconscious mind.

This therapy fills me always with great respect for the wisdom shown in every one of us, who is willing to explore and learn from the experiences his soul has gone through.

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