Reiki (Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy) Reiki is a hands on healing technique, in which we channel energy from the source of light through the palms of the hands. There has been a lot of speculations about where Reiki came from, but there has been little confirmation of most of these theories. Some say that Reiki …

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Imagery (used in healing) symbolizes what cannot been seen or experienced directly. Everyone has images as they are basic to the human mind and human nature. Images are thoughts that draw on the senses. (sound, taste, movement, vision, touch and inner sensation.) There is receptive and active imagery, receptive as images bubble up and active as …

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Systemic Counseling

Systemic Counseling /Constellations are used in the systemic- phenomenological vision. The term phenomenology in science is used to describe a body of knowledge which relates empirical (based on experience) observations phenomena to each other, in a way which is consistent with fundamental theory but is not directly derived from theory. It is an innovative technique for mapping …

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Read this blog that I have been writing in 2008 and see if you can find some truth in it right now…concerning ‘Corona”, vaccines etc …  Crisis as stepping-stone into abundance.   (how to take advantage of a Crisis)   Most of us have certain ideas about how the world should be. A reliable government, …

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