Systemic Counseling

Systemic Counseling /Constellations are used in the systemic- phenomenological vision. The term phenomenology in science is used to describe a body of knowledge which relates empirical (based on experience) observations phenomena to each other, in a way which is consistent with fundamental theory but is not directly derived from theory.

It is an innovative technique for mapping the patterns and connections within and between systems in a simple enough way to reveal hidden dynamics and work therefore effective in addressing many life situations.

Those connections are like collective conscious with an unconscious influence from everyone in the system. With systems we mean family (our strongest soul group) and the groups that represents our cultural backgrounds (religion, racial and ethnic) the place we live, part of the country, nation or state as they all poses both a conscious and unconscious energetic influence on behavior. Other groups can be school-teams and organizations in work, unions etc.

People can only grow up healthy and strong when they live the ‘orders of love’, which means that there is complete order, everyone having his own place in this world and in his family. There is complete structure in which children can grow up safe and secure. In the constellations we may discover clearly where the balance is disturbed and why it results in problematic behavior. With simply understanding the old behavior or pattern we empower with ‘healing’ sentences the process to solutions and healing.

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