Read this blog that I have been writing in 2008 and see if you can find some truth in it right now…concerning ‘Corona”, vaccines etc …

 Crisis as stepping-stone into abundance.   (how to take advantage of a Crisis)

  Most of us have certain ideas about how the world should be. A reliable government, faith, good health care, schooling, salaries, pensions, a bank account and insurances to be secure and safe for the future to come.

  With all the many demands we have, we don’t realize any longer that we give away our control to all kind of institutions like church, government, banks and all other structures we are so keen on to have, assuming that they will bring stability and peace. No wonder we eagerly turn ourselves over, as it seems that they can make our life better, safe and secure.

  In every crisis or chaos that appears, we find out how vulnerable we made ourselves by relying on others. A crisis can be devastating, and we easily panic when we think we have no control, but we may also realize that every crisis offers us the opportunity to gain control again. No better time and place to start just right now when a crisis appears in your life.

  To take consciously control of your life again, you first must admit that you gave it away!

  Your conditioned mind wonders in the direction you have trained it for many years. As a small child you obeyed your parents, you learned from their actions and took over their ideas, their conditionings and even their mind patterns. They were your role models for a long time and even when you have not agreed on their actions and their ideas, you (unconsciously) allowed them to plant ideas, you think and believe to be true.

  Don’t blame your parents (or anyone else) for your circumstances now!

  Blaming others means that you allow them to be more important than yourself.

  It doesn’t help to blame them for the difficulties you encounter now, realize that your parents and teachers did their outmost best with their knowledge and wisdom at that time to raise and teach you. We all choose our parents and our parents give us the opportunity to learn our biggest lesson in life. So be thankful and respect your parents for giving you, your life, you don’t have to respect all their actions. Be aware that abusive or ignorant parents are learning their own lessons as all life lessons always counts for both sides, they maybe neglect what they may give their children and become victims from their own behavior or took this karma consciously on a higher level of awareness. You as the child from abusive parents have still the choice to be a victim of the circumstances or to learn your lesson out of it. Nothing in life is useless, hopeless or insignificant all has its own value and reason. It’s up to you to find your way with it, using it all as tools to learn and grow.

   It’s all up to you and know well you have always choice!

  The victims in this world are the ones who think they are, they blame others and don’t take responsibility to make their own life better. In a crisis we see many ‘victims’ but are they real victims?

  What are they loosing? Are they losing their lives, health and happiness?

  In a crisis we lose only an idea about what we no longer ‘have’. An idea of having safety and security, a false idea how we can be saved with possessions, money, income, insurances and pensions. It’s all only an idea, a thought in our mind that we have been feeding our brain so well, so we totally and unconditionally believe in it.

  We must realize that our world is an illusion and we all have our own illusion, no two points of view are the same. We all have a flow of thoughts which may pester us the whole day when we think we can’t get rid of them, even when we search for a moment of peace, the mind reminds us of all kinds of unwanted memories, thoughts and worries. Realize that our mind is designed for trouble, it is our safety tool for survival, fight and flight… but we are not the mind, we are using it as our tool to discover danger but also to explore opportunity and recognizing challenges to choose and to learn from. That ego mind makes us aware of all the choices we have, it’s not there to make us upset or to get us into trouble as we learn from our choices, without choice no experiences to compare, no lessons to learn. But we are not the ego mind, we are beyond all of that, we are that unlimited potential that you can find when you listen to the silence deep inside of you, which hold all that potential, awaiting the moment in which you create, give form to your feelings and emotions. The essence of us lies in the heart and when we work from the heart, as we are compassionate, empathic and loving, the heart will feed the mind with love and light, peace and harmony.

  In crisis people tend to belief all the chaos, suffering and panic, not realizing that they make it real by putting their mind to the focus of that suffering, their needs and believed lack.

  All what we give attention will grow and bloom, like a plant that receives daily water. You can’t blame the plant to grow when you feed it so well you can only blame yourself giving it so much water. When you understand that principle, you can move on to take responsibility for your own actions and power (control)

  Now you are right there in that crisis, how will you get out, even when you admit that you have watering the plant, feeding it, growing it, you can’t march out of it or leave it behind without taking action…. The next action is forgiving yourself!

  There is no one else to blame, so start forgiving…. Maybe you are thinking now, forgiving???  For… what?  I haven’t done anything bad…I lose everything and now I have to forgive MYSELF?

  Start realizing that all your thoughts have impact, your thoughts of fear, despair, pain, suffering and they all come from your conditioned mind, a mind that took it all in for truth when you were a small child, at that moment it all was true, you didn’t has the opportunity to explore if they were true or not. We forget that when we feel those worries and fears we have stepped back in our children shoes, and that child, our inner child is still present deep inside of us, reminding us of the conditionings. As the adult/ grown up you are now, you have the opportunity of choice, but fear or pain limits that exploration. What will happen when you face this world without fear, without your needs, without your desires, imagine the total freedom you have. Nothing can be taken away or any needs have to be filled in. That world is also possible as soon as we dare to belief it or have the courage to let our mind turn into the direction of opportunity and ability. Forgiving yourself is just about that; forgiving yourself the identification with your (inner) child ideas! stepping back into your rightful place in this world as you are the center point of your own world, your own illusion, your own creation.

  The next step to take is to look at what you have…. and not to what you don’t have J Remember, all you give attention will grow! Look at what you have….it doesn’t matter what you put on your list first, health, job, family, friends, creativity and so on and ask yourself what you have been doing with it so far, giving it a gift of love will improve, energize and empower it, like water does to the plant. The attitude of gratitude is like a key, unlocking doors to success and happiness in your life. Still you are thinking just know, how will this help me in my situation right now. The crisis you encounter now have been starting a long time ago in your strong belief that you can’t have everything or must work hard to receive solutions, prosperity and abundance. You still look from the point of view that you are not worthy to have it all. In the potential there is everything and I mean everything available, the moment you allow yourself to have it, it’s there. No one can keep it from you, only yourself!

  Ask and it will be given to you, means that you must allow it, being ready to receive! How much are you able to receive? Most of us can’t even enjoy what they receive feeling guilty! Giving yourself importance and permission to get what you want is seen as selfish and egocentric. I am asking you only to receive your part, as there is enough for everyone when we start sharing this idea.

   Look at what you have and inspire it with your gratitude!!

  Now start acting, moving forward, trust the universe to provide!  I can read your mind… I want to and I hope so but……all kinds of ideas are coming up WHY it’s not possible. We tend to think in hopes and wishes and the only thing they do, is delaying your progress. The child deep inside of you will always find an excuse not to do it as it is fearful, it doesn’t trust him/herself. Acting and moving forward asks for courage to be your- self. 

  Deep inside you know who you are but you have been hiding that wisdom/ knowledge already for a long time. The God/ Christ consciousness, which is our source and essence lies dormant, waiting to be awaken again. The truth is…

  You are Enlightened One, living the duality in this world, the illusion of your human experience. Remember… We are always connected to this source as we are the source, nothing can kept it away, the surrender to this truth and your own faith in it will guide you to what you deserve.

  Make yourself ready to receive abundance… Wil

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