We talk a lot about ‘Love’ but…

The big question is: What is love?

We talk so easily of ‘being in love’, or that we love someone. Let’s be honest we find it normal to love our kids and say so easily that we love our pets, friends, house, car, job and many more…. But the question stays…What is Love? …

Let me tell you; Love is the most unseen force of this Universe

We easily confuse love with ‘liking things’ but there is a big difference! While many people still wonder about love … asking themselves: ‘what is it and can you differentiate it in many forms?’  (Probably you can) … You may realize that there is one essence very clear about love and that is that love is light…and each of us are carrying that sparkle of light/love within us, waiting to expand and to be released….

This light/ love holds the power of attraction and connection and gives that special meaning to everything in your life. This love holds the only energy-form (light) in the Universe that can’t be manipulated by your own will. Love simply unfolds, multiplies and reveals itself in its endless power of compassion as it has no limits and no boundaries in embracing all what is.

So, Love is an unstoppable force… a light that can’t stop shining…even when you think that you can’t love someone anymore doesn’t say that you have stopped loving that person. Even when you are upset, frustrated and angry, if you love someone, then this light still shines through!

It’s impossible not to be “love’ but your actions will not always represent your true being.

You will never stop being love even when you do a good job in being angry it only shows your ability to ignore your power, believing in the absence of light, no longer inspiring a situation or enlightening that what happens… but it’s only a thought you have, an idea…the ego mind being confused between a conditioning (what I think I am) and the true essence of your being (what I am) Remember what I said… Love is the most unseen and mysterious force in Universe and can only be expressed through YOU, through your passion…

But what is the difference then between passion and love, you now may ask…

Passion is love in action and it is that action that makes ‘love’ work.

It’s your passion that empowers and acknowledge that ‘love’ to expand…. Passion being that force, the direction of mind in which there is focus, so there is no doubt but trust, no fear… but faith, to do what must be done, no longer procrastinating!

When you have passion, you have the key to success to make your relationships work, to build your company, dreams, future and happiness. Passion is only the key! Not the solution, not the guarantee, not the answer…because that key needs you… opening doors, exploring the unknown, feeling safe enough to take risks, developing ideas and inspiring and enlightening every opportunity! So, passion is the fuel for that ever-mysterious force of Love

Passion as the expression of your love will always reflect your belief in Self, in your ability to trust yourself and dare to act upon your feelings. You can’t hold passion back as then it’s no passion but an attempt to be in control, wishing and hoping for better and more.

Talking about ‘love’ is most done out of a need for recognition or attention, a feeling of belonging and feeling safe and secure. While real love dares to take all kinds of risks, not waiting for anything to be given in return.

Love IS… and will not change nor complain… it doesn’t expect anything as it reads in 1 Corinthians 13: Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast and is not arrogantor rude. Love does not insist on its own way and is not irritable or resentful, it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things and never ends…

Rediscover the truth about yourself, you are love and only through having faith in this truth, you can let the law of attraction work for you … as it empowers the abundance that is given to you, activating that passion to enlighten that mysterious force even more, inspiring all that you are focused on and initiating the Universe to provide without the limitations of your mind interfering in the abundant process of receiving.

Be the true Self and rejoice in the power of the light! Wil

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